Our Pastor - Rick Evans

What is your ministry background and education?
I was called to preach in April 2000, but didn’t announce it until July 2001. I have been the pastor of Stockdale Baptist Church since June 2002. I served as a deacon for about 20 years under three different pastors. My training has been watching and learning from God and the anointed pastors of God.

What are some ways that this background has helped prepare you for your current ministry context?
Serving as deacon and working with pastors, I learned from their mistakes and from their many years of experience.

Tell us about the people you pastor. What do you love about them? What are you currently teaching/preaching/studying right now?
They are a great group of people who are faithful and dedicated to God. I love them because they love me for who I am. I have been studying about the birth of Christ and what it means to us.

What is God doing in your church and/or community right now that is really exciting?
God is really blessing our church with souls being rededicated and others being saved. We have had four saved and one rededicated in the last month. We had a family in our community donate some land to us to use as a parking lot, which was a long-time prayer answered. Myself, and the whole church, are so excited just watching the faithfulness of God and how He is answering our prayers.